HOF Bakery was launched as a Lockdown solution, we have started with Sourdough, we have baked over 200 loaves per day! One day, someone asked if we could send dry sourdough starter to Australia... We did!

We did send starter to Australia, Spain, Netherlands, USA, Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden and Poland! We can clearly say, sourdough bread safe our business entirely, then we have moved to doughnuts and slowly our list of products became bigger and bigger. Even when restaurant was closed, our online business was booming - we have now guests ordering cakes and breads from all over UK through our online shop. We became so busy, we had to buy more baking equipment, mixers and ovens, then we run out of space so we have moved whole operation to our Wine Cellar!

Once lockdown finished, restaurant opened and we have had to re-open our wine cellar and think how to keep our cakes baked and online customers happy :)

Our restaurant kitchen is small, that's why we have moved half of the operation in to the garden... 

Back in December 2020, we have found premises with over 200square meters space for our new bakery - we have made an offer and...but to COVID we have to wait over six months to receive final letter! 

WE HAVE GOT IT! We have finally received a keys for our brand new location, now its time to 
refurbishment and hopefully we will start baking commercially at end of September!

We will bake cakes, breads, muffins and much, much more! Our goal is to create quality cakes available for all our online clients, House of Feasts guests, shops, restaurants, coffee shops and corner shops!

To speed up whole process, we need your help! 

We have now created GoFundme Page, we will start selling Sweet Mystery Boxes at 50% prices, Cakes, Sourdough Breads and much more! All orders will be processed in third week of September and any funding will go towards renovation of our brand new Bakery!

Please visit our GofundMe Page

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