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All Sandwiches on sourdough bread or Brioche Bun

Famous Pastrami Sandwich

£6.50Take Out

Pulled Pork Sandwich with Slaw 

£6 Take Out

Chargrilled Halloumi and Heritage Tomatoes

£7 Take Out

Polish Boy, in-house smoked Kielbasa, Mustard and Sauerkraut

£6.50 Take out

Lamb Burger, tomato, cheese and fried onion with sauce in brioche bun

£13 Eat In & Take Away

Prime Beef Burger, tomato, cheese and fried onion with secret sauce on brioche bun

£12 Take Away


All Pierogi Made in house with best ingredients

Ruskie - Potato, Cheese & Onion(V)

£12 Take Out

Slowly Cooked Pork With Fermented Spring Onions and Pan Fried Onions 

£13 Take Out

Pulled Beef, Pan Fried Onions and Smokey BBQ Sauce

£13 Take Out

Sauerkraut, Mushrooms and Pickles(V)

£11 Take Out

Sweet Cheese, Vanilla and Preserved Fruits

£10 Take Out


All meats are brined / cooked in house

Herring Cured Two Ways, Cured with Beetroot baked in Hay or with Mustard Seeds and Onions

£8 Take Out

Traditional Polish Goulash with Pickled Peppers and Sourdough Bread

£16 Take Out

Super Tender Leg of Duck with Smoked Pearl Barley, Fermented Asparagus & Pickled Red Cabbage

£15 Take Out

Chicken by the Half, lemon and herbs, grilled on charcoal served with hay baked beetroot salad

£13 Take Out

Shortys Sausage & Mash, in - house smoked Kielbasa, Cambridgeshire Mash, Onion Gravy

£12 Take Out

Ham-Hock on the Bone with MashGravy and Pickles

£16 Take Out

Fish & Chips, Haddock in crispy batter, served with tartare sauce and rustic fries

£11 Take Out

Bigos, Hunters Stew, slowly cooked beef, pork and kielbasa with cabbage, onion, tomatoes, mushrooms. Served with sourdough Bread

£13 Take Out

Gołąbki, Cabbage Rolls stuffed with rice and minced pork belly & spices. Cooked in tomatoes

£11 Take Out


Bread, Sausages and Pickles made in house

Add Two eggs £1.50

Add Smoked loin of pork £2.50

Add Cheese £1.50

Add Bacon £1.50


Full English In-House made Sausage, Mushrooms, Tomato, Baked Beans, Hash Brown, Fried Bacon, Eggs and Toasted Bread

£7 Eat In / £6.50 Take Out


Polish Breakfast Sourdough Bread, selection of Charcuterie, Cottage Cheese, Pickled Vegetables Salad, Scramble Eggs

£7 Eat In / £6.50 Take Out


Sourdough Bread Toasty XXL, Sourdough Bread loaded with Cheese



Bread in Egg, toasted bread, cooked in eggs and spring onions




Locally Sourced Meats and Vegetables

Slowly Roasted Beef Brisket

£15 Eat In / £13 Take Out

Leg of Pork

£13 Eat In / £11 Take Out

Slowly Roasted Leg of Duck

£14 Eat In / £12 Take Out

Lemon & Herbs Breast of Turkey

£13 Eat In / £11 Take Out

Leg of Lamb

£15 Eat In / £13 Take Out

All served with Yorkshire pudding, Roasted potatoes, Cambridgeshire vegetables and gravy.


Available daily at our DELI

All baked in house


All Sides made in house

Sourdough Bread & Butter, 4 years old starter


Rustic Fries loaded with Kielbasa, Cheese and Onion

£7.50 Eat In / £7.50 Take Out

Rustic Fries

£3.50 Eat In / £3 Take Out

Sweet Potato Fries

£4.25 Eat In / Take Out

Pan Fried Sauerkraut


Fermented Cucumbers



All Dishes made in house

Vegetables Crudite & Green Hummus

£4.50 Eat In / £4.50 Take Out

Mini Chicken Strips with Fries

£5 Eat In / £5 Take Out

Chicken Cheese Burger 

£4 Eat In / £4 Take Out

Kids Hot Dog

£4 Eat In / £4 Take Out

Garlic Bread

£3.50 Eat In / £3.50

+ all dishes from our ordinary menus are 50% for kids under 12

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About Us

House of Feasts was open in June 2017 by Chef Damian, who recently served his specialities to Royal Family, Baked with Mary Berry & has experience in some of the World's Best Restaurants including Noma. Damian cooking its all about simple ingredients turned in to culinary gem. Harvesting seasonal products, preserving, curing, ageing and extending season as long as possible. 

We celebrate local suppliers, producers and use our garden as much as possible.

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